Postommodity Drakes Island 2

Postcommodity (founded in 2007 in the southwestern US by Raven Chacon, Cristóbal Martínez, and Kade L. Twist) functions as “a shared Indigenous lens and voice to engage the assaultive manifestations of the global market and its supporting institutions, public perceptions, beliefs, and individual actions that comprise the ever-expanding, multi-national, multi-racial and multi-ethnic colonizing force that is defining the 21st Century.” Drakes Island will be the location for a new site-specific work by the artists collective, entitled Repellent Eye, connecting ‘Old Europe’ to indigenous narratives of cultural self-determination in North America. The 6-metre tethered balloon is an enlarged replica of an agricultural ‘scare eye’ which the artists noticed use indigenous medicine colours and iconography - the same graphic used by indigenous peoples from South America to Canada for thousands of years to repel evil spirits.

Drakes Island Situated in Plymouth Sound, this 6.5-acre island has hosted a military fortification since at least the Tudor period. It was from here that Francis Drake set sail in 1577, returning in 1580 having circumnavigated the world. In 1583 Drake was made governor of the island. Following WWII Drakes Island remained under the administration of the War Office. Plymouth City Council obtained a lease from the Crown in 1963, establishing a youth adventure training centre which operated until 1989. In 1995, Drakes Island was put up for sale by the Crown Estate, and it was acquired privately for £384,000, with plans to turn it into a hotel complex. However, planning consent was only finally granted in April 2017, and in the meantime the island has remained out of bounds to the public.